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Technical Information

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Trouble Shooting Guide


Symptom Potential cause Solution
Oil leaking from gear box
output shaft
Damaged shaft seal. Replace seal and shaft if
Fluid leaking out of
reservoir or foaming
Clogged oil filter Change fluid and filter
Air in system Bleed system. Inspect suction side of supply pump for air leak
Poppetts of steering gear not adjusted properly causing high temperatures Adjust poppetts
Pump cavitating Inspect pump supply line
for restriction
Fluid overheating Inspect steering gear return
line for restriction
Hard turning in one or
both directions
Bind in steering column Inspect column drag
Dirt or debris trapped in piston relief Inspect piston relief
Bent or damaged king pins and tie rods Repair or replace king pins
and tie rods
Front end load too great Lighten load
Low fluid level in steering system Fill reservoir as needed
Air in system Bleed system and inspect for cause
Steering radius restricted Poppetts not adjusted
Adjust poppetts
Hard steering Defective supply pump Inspect pump flow
Steering out of alignment Align front end
Fluid overheating Find and correct
overheating cause
High operating
Fluid flow restriction Inspect back pressure
  Check maximum oil flow
Road wander/over
Oil flow too high Pump not to specifications
Air trapped in gear Bleed system
Looseness worn front end
Inspect and repair as
Front end alignment not
Align front end
Overloaded Reduce loads
Rear axle not parallel Inspect and repair as
Tight tie rod ends and drag link sockets Inspect rotational torque and replace as needed

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